Interested in me reviewing your book?

I’m flattered! I am currently swamped with books but if you have a literary fiction/thriller piece you think will be in my wheelhouse, please do not hesitate to email me at

I prefer physical books for reviewing purposes, but I do have a lovely Kindle that could probably use more attention than I currently give it. I have a Netgalley account, as well, if you’d prefer to send a book via that route.

When emailing me, please include: a summary; publication date; why you think I would enjoy it; any guidelines you have for my review. This will assist me in deciding which books will be a good fit for me and my blog.

Reviews will be cross-posted here, as well as on Goodreads and Amazon. If there are other places you’d like for me to post the review, please include that in your email.

Even if I am unable to accept the offer, I would happily love to promote your book, whether that be with a cover reveal post, an author interview, or just a promotion post for your book.

Reminder that reading books + this blog are a hobby for me. I will do my best to only accept books that I think I will want to read and that will be a good fit for my blog. By accepting to read your book, I cannot 100% guarantee I will enjoy your book. My review will be completely honest. I follow a general star system, as most people are familiar with it:

1 star: Meh - This is a book that I almost did not finish. There are no redeeming qualities.
2 stars: Okay - This is a book that I could finish but there was nothing special about it.
3 stars: Good - This is a book that I enjoyed and almost always means it is an author I want to check read more from.
4 stars: Great - This is a book that I greatly enjoyed and was written by an author I cannot wait to read more from.
5 stars: Fantastic - This is a book that is (or nearly is) perfect, mostly one that I will want to read again in the future.

Every review that features an ARC or review copy will be labeled as such. Unless otherwise stated, all books are books I own or have borrowed.