Review: The Arrangement by Robyn Harding

Nothing makes me happier than a new book — except when that new book is by an author you just adore.

Robyn Harding came into my life a couple of years back, soon after her release of The Party. I kept seeing it on book blogs and I was fascinated by it. It was high on my list to buy. You won’t be able to guess my excitement, then, when I showed up at McKays (a used bookstore in Nashville) and found The Party on the shelf, less than a month after its release.

I devoured that book in two days. I knew that Harding was an author I would have to look out for.

Last year, I was given the chance to read her next book, Her Pretty Face, thanks to Netgalley. Another great triumph of a thriller read!


This year, I got my little hands on The Arrangement. I was more excited for this one than my previous two Harding reads. This premise of this book was just so…interesting. I feel like Harding has the ability to take the thriller genre and add a breath of fresh air to it, and I feel like she did just that with The Arrangement.

In this book, we follow Natalie, a twenty-something art student who is having a hard time getting by. She lives with roommates she doesn’t get along with, she has a job she despises, and she’s just feeling lost. While visiting a fellow art student, whose apartment and clothes show that she is definitely living the opposite life of Nat, she learns of this alternative lifestyle choice: Getting a sugar daddy.

After some consideration, Natalie decides to jump in. She meets Gabe, a handsome 50-something attorney and they hit it off. But Natalie isn’t convinced just yet she’s ready for this lifestyle. She tries a date with another fellow — and it doesn’t go so well. Soon, Natalie is talking with Gabe and together they reach an arrangement.

Natalie falls for Gabe, or at least the person show thinks Gabe is. Gabe isn’t as open with his life as she is with hers. And this isn’t his first arrangement. While things go well between the two of them for a while, eventually Gabe does decide to end things, leaving Natalie hurt, confused…and obsessed.

This is a 5 star read for me. This characters are interesting (though aside from some very minor characters, none are that likable — I love unlikeable characters; it makes them seem more real in some regards), the plot is good, the writing is amazing. It has a great flow and sucks you in very quickly. Harding gets better and better with every book I read from her and I cannot wait to see what her next thriller will be!

Big, big thanks Simon and Schuster for the e-ARC via Netgalley and for sending me a final copy of the book. I am so honored.