Hello! And welcome to my blog.

My name is Allie. I am a developmental therapist in the state of Tennessee. I am a crafter, pug owner, and lover of makeup.

I always have a book in hand — no matter where I am going.

I used to blog under the name The Book Cover Judge. In 2019, I decided I needed a change. And thus, Literarily Thrilling was born. A combination of my two favorite genres (literary fiction + thrillers) and my tendency to use the word “literally” a little too much, I felt that this change was necessary to better reflect who I am as a reader currently.

Growing up, I was lucky enough to be in a house that worshiped reading. Books were everywhere and I have many memories of sitting on the couch, making sure not to knock over my mom’s book she had left so she wouldn’t lose her page. I knew one day I would write books (well, at least a book). But, the older I get, the less I think that will happen. I still have reading, and for that, I am so thankful.

My love for books has stayed a constant over the years. I have gone through many dry spells where I did not read much. My books are always waiting for me to come back.

Who knows, maybe that novel will eventually be put to paper. But for now, I will be happy reading works by others, jumping into their stories, and telling you my thoughts on them.